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Marbel is a Textile Design Studio from Copenhagen. We offer all-over prints, placement print and screen printable designs. We are happy to also work on commission basis after specific requirements. By combining trend and color forecasting, painting and digital techniques we create expressive designs, fusing Danish design and German quality.

Why Marbel?

Marbel is resembling the metamorphic rock called marble, that often has a natural pattern of lines. Just like our designs, every marble rock has unique patterns in the most beautiful colours, well-balanced and harmonic. Thinking of small glass marbles, MARBEL also stands for a playful use of shapes and colours inside it constraints.

Also the name of our founder, Belinda Martens, forms a beautiful anagram which led to the print design studios name.


Belinda Martens is a Fashion Designer, originated from northern Germany. After graduating fashion school, her love for colors, fashion and design led her to wonderful Copenhagen. There she could gather multiple years of experience within the fashion industry. She worked among other brands for Change Lingerie as a Designer and Print Designer specialized on Lingerie, Swimwear and Nightwear.

In 2021 she took the leap of starting her own design studio and following her dream of creating beautiful patterns fulltime.

Her fondness for nature, since growing up in a forest, still carries through her creations and is deeply rooted in the wish to make the fashion industry more sustainable and the world a bit more colorful.


All print file on our webshop come in a .psd format and a separate .jpg of the print repeat.

Fast File Delivery

When purchasing a print from our webshop you will receive the print file via a downloadable WeTransfer file.

Changes after purchase

If you need adjustments made to your purchased file, like size or colour changes, then let us know.